Decide on what car to buy by chatting with folks, who've been using the same car model you're keeping in mind

Came up with shortlist of cars you like and consider to buy, but not sure which to pick


Meet and chat with folks like you, who have been using the same car models and make your confident and educated car purchase decision!

Remember, your experience with car is your Superpower.

Now lets pause the text and watch some video

Approx. 1 min of your life

Okie dokie, here is the step by step flow


We're about validating your initial pick. So we believe you already know the car models you're considering to purchase

Step 1

To help you with your car pick, weshould know your name (we're social dudes) and be able to get back to you

Step 2

For every buddy you can see the things he values most in cars, where he live and his profession and more. 

Step 3

Get invited to the calls with the buddies 

We arrange the call or text chat with you and the choice buddy and do our very best to help you get the expected info

Prepare the


Signup and fill contact details

Review the Choice Buddies and request the meetings

Step 4

Step 5

Prepare the


Make the decision!

Get the car you're dreming about!

Or decide you need to look into another one.

Choicery Auto to be released in

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